The TOPPS project

Recently, we were able to watch an excellent segment on the Ljudje in zemlja TV show - RTV Slovenia, about the TOPPS project. It is a European project based on the education and training of users of plant protection products (PPP). Their goal is to teach users about safe use of PPPs and, consequently, to protect water that is contaminated by point contamination, spraying spray drift, or surface spills when using PPPs.

The TOPPS project

The project has been funded since 2008 by the ECPA (European Crop Protection Association). It includes 17 countries. This year, Slovenia joined as well. As in other European countries, Slovenia also focuses on the transfer of knowledge to the public advisory service.

In the show, Mario Lešnik, Ph.D., professor at the Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences, clearly illustrates the method of cleaning the sprayer. Our AGS 1200 EN sprayer with a 15-meter HLX set was used in the demonstration.

We at the Agromehanika company support the TOPPS project, as we are aware of the importance of cleaning the field sprayer and are aware that the spraying solutions used in agriculture can severely pollute our environments. We would like to invite you to read our article on cleaning the sprayer, which is important not only for environmental pollution, but also for the operation of the machine itself. 

Read the article on the importance of cleaning a sprayer. 


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