Production Services

With our team of experienced professionals and advanced technology, your products will be of high quality and tailored to your needs. Our dedication to customers and years of experience allow us to provide solutions that will exceed your expectations.

Sandblasting and Powder Coating

We perform professional sandblasting to remove rust and imperfections. Products are protected with powder coating in selected colors.

Laser Cutting

Using powerful laser technology, we enable precise and clean cutting of sheet metal up to a thickness of 20 mm.

CNC Sheet Metal Bending

Your products will attain an elegant shape and functionality through computer-controlled sheet metal bending.

Tubing Bending

Achieve perfect tubing bending up to a diameter of 2 inches.

Assembly and Welding

Our experts will ensure that your products are durable and aesthetically flawless.

CNC Machining

With high-precision CNC machining, we refine your products down to the smallest detail.


For a successful end-user experience, we assemble and prepare your products for use.

Milomir Bubulj

Production Manager

+386 31 333 563

Matjaž Kuhar

Production Manager

+386 31 735 375

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