The history of wine-making dates back to ancient times and played an important role in the development and economy of ancient civilizations. Long history of wine production has also brought a wealth of experience with vine training and developing efficient, modern and quality vineyards. Oftentimes, vineyards stretch along steep southern slopes, promising good harvest by providing abundant sunlight and appropriate sheltering against the wind.


In general, such areas are extremely difficult to access using standard machinery, which additionally hinders the production of quality crops and makes it more expensive. In such cases, specialized machinery for operation in difficult-to-access areas might be the answer. On steep vineyard slopes and places with narrow row spacing, thick vegetation and little manoeuvring space, it is recommended to use special machines, which are compact and designed for challenging conditions.

In such conditions, users usually work with smaller tractors, which can only be used with light-duty and compact attachments. To address this specific issue, Agromehanika developed a special type of mist blower,

specifically, the AGP TN/TEN mist blower, belonging to the modern AGP TN/TEN series of machines designed to protect vineyards and cultivated shrubs against diseases and pests. Because the fan is positioned at the centre, these machines boast an extremely compact construction, with a width of only 103 cm with AGP 100 TN. Another distinctive characteristic of these mist blowers is also the deflector with the front air intake to reduce turbulence and prevent the spray from being forced back into the blower.

Proper distribution of the spraying agent on the plants is only possible if the air speed and fan capacity are both adjusted according to the size and vegetation period of crops. If the air speed is too high, it causes the spray droplets to drift excessively, which means that the spraying agent is lost. On the other hand, if the fan speed is too low, the inner leaves of crops may not be sufficiently protected. Because the fan is integrated at the centre of the main tank, the machine’s gravity centre is closer to the tractor, which ensures complete stability on the slopes of classic vineyards, thereby increasing the safety of the user.

The AGP TN/ TEN mist blowers deliver exceptional results, which was confirmed by tests conducted at an institute in Gleisdorf, Austria. In addition to double nozzle holders with an anti-drip valve, the standard mist blower equipment also includes the nozzles for spraying tall crops, which are an excellent solution for terrace spraying, while nozzle inserts, bearing a German brand name Lechler, ensure accurate spray application. The AGP 100 TN machine can also be operated with a 22 kW (30 hp) tractor and a category I hitch.

More about mistblowers AGP TN/TEN read on our WEBSITE.

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