Introducing the new AGT 1060 tractor series. AGT tractors are designed to make it easy for the user to perform complex tasks in agriculture and horticulture.


Certain technical accessories also make them suitable for public services and forestry. Thanks to its rigid transmission with different widths, small turning circle, permanent 4-wheel drive and a low centre of gravity, tractors are also suitable for use in mountainous areas. The tractors are distinguished by the option of reversibility, which allows the user complete control over the work.

  • Euro 5 motor
  • Reversibility
  • Power and less consumption
  • Accessible spare parts

It's time for new power!

The new AGT 1060 tractor features a state-of-the-art KOHLER 3-cylinder turbo diesel engine that boasts with the STAGE 5 standard. The 1.9-L engine develops 56 horsepower and is extremely fuel efficient.

New generation with as much as 225 torque and low fuel consumption.

The AGT 1060 is equipped with 15 ° oscillation, which ensures the tractor has constant contact with different terrains and provides you with good handling and safety. 

With a 4-speed gearbox, you can choose from three speed groups with an inverter that allows you to change the direction of movement. 24 gears: 12 forward and 12 backwards.

The final speed is 30 km / h.


The AGT 1060 is equipped with an electro-hydraulic PTO which can be operated via a clutch plate. It is independent and separate from the operation of the main clutch.

The rear three-point lift mechanism enables the attachment and lifting of load-bearing attachments. It is available in different versions, depending on the customer's needs and preferences.


We have redesigned the hydraulic system on AGT 1060 tractors. A hydraulic pump that enables the hydraulic elements of the tractor to function is directly connected to the engine and connects 2 independent systems. Pressure is provided by the operational pump and the steering wheel pump - (4 + 14) max flow 41 l/min. As a standard, the tractor is equipped with a single block with three sections and four quick couplings. As an option, you can add an additional block on the left side – total of 10 quick couplings.


The driver's seat is made according to ergonomic principles, which means that it is adaptable to the user's physical characteristics. The seat is positioned in a way that provides the user with a good view of the surroundings and easy control.


The control panel shows the control devices of the current condition of the tractor, such as the speedometer, operating hours, No. of PTO rotations, indicators for No. of engine rotations.

The AGT 1060 is equipped with ergonomically designed levers that allow the user to switch on various functions, change speed, direction of travel, etc. With the convenience of the user in mind, we designed and positioned the levers so that they are immediately at our fingertips.


Our top priority is ensuring safe and comfortable work for users of the machine. For this purpose, the tractor is fitted with two safety archesa safety belt and protective cover for the PTO drive shaft. For additional safety, the tractor can be equipped with an open cab to provide additional protection and a comfortable working environment for the user. The operator’s seat and the steering wheel are both adjustable to allow for a complete adaptability to user’s requirements and a well-arranged instrument panel and a good view on the tractor’s surroundings enable complete control over steering.

Standard equipment of the tractor is designed for versatile use and a wide range of optional equipment allows for a complete adaptability to your needs and requirements.

Due to their quality design and manufacture with high-quality integrated components our tractors are well-known for their simple and cost-efficient maintenance. We provide a fast and efficient service with original spare parts always in stock to make sure your tractor remains in top shape throughout its entire life-cycle.


A tractor cab is also an option with the new AGT 1060. The latter has its own controls (light switches, wipers, etc.). The cab doors are on both sides and designed with the user in mind to make it easy to get in and out. The cab is equipped with lights that allow the user to work in the dark. The lights can be adjusted by the user depending on the nature of the work. Rear-view mirrors are installed on the sides for safe reverse driving.


The AGT 1060 can also be optionally fitted with a front three-point hydraulic lift mechanism, which is operated via controls located next to the seat.

Izpolnite spodnji obrazec in preizkusite testni traktor AGT 1060. Izpolnjen obrazec nam pošljite po e-pošti na, preko navadne pošte ali ga prinesete osebno v trgovino. 

OBRAZEC za najem traktorja AGT 1060

AGT 1060 also available in black.

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