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Introducing the Slovenian tractor AGT 1060 - an innovative and versatile tractor designed to ease your work in agriculture, viticulture, and orcharding. This tractor is not only powerful but also adaptable, as it can be used for municipal tasks and in forestry with the appropriate equipment.


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Versatile Partner

Vineyard, Orchard, Mountain Farm, Municipal, and Forestry

Thanks to its rigid chassis, small turning circle, and constant 4-wheel drive, the AGT 1060 tractor is ideal for working on various terrains, including hilly terrain.

Vineyards and Orchards

For Every Terrain

Performance on Flat Fields or Challenging Mountain Terrains

With excellent grip, lower center of gravity and specialized tires, it provides safe and efficient operation in environments where traditional tractors struggle. This version embodies agility and strength, allowing farmers to confidently face the unique challenges of mountain farming.

Loader in Steep Terrain



No Front Hydraulics?

No Worries!

New reversibility system. AGT 1060 tractors are equipped with a new reversibility system, which allows for faster seat, pedal, and dashboard turning, while ensuring full control over your work.

Mowing in Reversible Mode

Power and Lower Consumption

56 HP - 225 Nm - 30 km/h

AGT features a 1.9 liter 3-cylinder turbo diesel engine from Kohler, meeting the emission standard STAGE 5.

It delivers high power while reducing fuel consumption, meaning greater efficiency and economy.


Synchronized Gearbox 12+12 - 540/750 rpm PTO

You can choose between 4 gears and 3 speed groups with an inverter, which allows for direction change. Together, it provides 24 gears - 12 forward and 12 backward.

Front and rear axles have a wheel reducer and hydraulic differential lock on each side.

The drive shaft with electro-hydraulic clutch can operate independently or synchronized with the gear shift movement of the gearbox or engine revs.

Equip According to Your Needs

Hydraulic Equipment

The hydraulic pump, which operates the tractor's hydraulic elements, is directly connected to the engine and links 2 independent systems. Pressure is provided by the working and steering pump – (4+14) max flow 41 l/min. The tractor is standardly equipped with a single block with three sections and four quick couplings.

More quick couplings can optionally be added.

Safe and Comfortable


This cabin is not just spacious; it's equipped with all necessary technology for your comfort and safety. Enjoy complete air conditioning with our advanced system for ventilation and heating, or air conditioning. It includes both front and rear lights, a cabin dust filter for cleaner air, rotating light for additional visibility, space for a radio, and rearview mirrors for improved surroundings control.

Cabin and Front Hydraulics

For All Tasks

Front Hydraulics

The tractor can be equipped with a front three-point hydraulic lifting mechanism, operated via controls located next to the seat. The lifting capacity of the front hydraulics is 450 kg.

Winter Tasks

Constant Grip


The AGT 1060 is equipped with a 15° oscillation, ensuring constant contact with the ground on challenging terrains. The tractor maintains grip up to a 45° incline.



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