Mowing on steep slopes: ensure the right equipment!

Mowing on challenging slopes has always been a significant challenge for farmers. Difficult conditions and the risk of slipping require special caution and the use of appropriate machinery. At Agromehanika, we have specialized in the development of AGT 1060 mountain tractors, which offer stable solutions for working on demanding terrains with their improved center of gravity. Despite technological advancements, it is still crucial to be very careful when choosing agricultural machinery. Below, we present what you need to pay attention to when purchasing equipment for mowing on steep slopes.

Mowing on steep slopes: ensure the right equipment!

The right tractor for steep slopes 

When choosing a tractor for work on steep slopes, stability is paramount. Our AGT 1060 mountain tractors are specially designed for such conditions. They have an improved center of gravity, which means greater stability and safety when working on demanding terrains. The wide design of the tractor further increases stability, enabling safe and efficient mowing even on the steepest slopes.

Choosing the right tires

Choosing the right tires is essential for safe and efficient work. For work on steep slopes, we recommend grass or agricultural profile tires, known as balloon tires. These tires provide optimal traction and allow work on larger inclines. We also offer the option of using dual tires, which further increases the tractor's stability and reduces the risk of slipping on slippery surfaces.

Suitable Attachments

Attachments used on steep terrains must be light and adaptable. For mowing on mountain farms, we recommend using lightweight front mowers with floating hydraulics. This technology allows the mower to adapt to the terrain, reducing its weight by 70% and increasing the tractor's stability. 

Safety Tips

  • Regular Maintenance: Ensure regular maintenance of your tractor and attachments to guarantee their optimal performance and safety.
  • Proper Use: Follow the manufacturer's instructions for the use and maintenance of the machinery.
  • Education: Be well-informed about safety measures and working techniques on steep slopes.


Mowing on steep slopes is challenging, but with the use of the right technology and appropriate machinery, it becomes much easier and safer. At Agromehanika, we are proud of our AGT 1060 mountain tractors, which offer stable and safe solutions for working on demanding terrains with their improved center of gravity. Be cautious when choosing agricultural machinery and select equipment that will ensure safety and efficiency.

For more information about our AGT 1060 tractors and other equipment, contact us at or visit our website.

We wish you safe and successful mowing on steep slopes!

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