WHY should you use an automatic steering system?

Because it will save you time, fuel and money.

WHY should you use an automatic steering system?

The automatic steering system enables maximum work precision on any type of terrain. The autopilot guides the vehicle on straight or randomly curved guidelines. Maximum accuracy (+/- 1cm) during work is guaranteed by the GPS signal combined with the RTK correction signal.

While the autopilot controls the steering and driving, you can be more focused on your work. This improves the quality and efficiency of work, especially in poor visibility conditions, such as fog, dusty environment etc.

The advantage of automatic steering is that the lines maintain their exact position over time. This means that the lines you draw during sowing will remain in the same position for cultivating and harvesting the crops later on. And this leads to improved harvesting efficiency.

Our sales & service centres offer AvMap and Trimble automatic steering systems.

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