Tilt testing of AGT 1060 tractors

On April 9th, the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia, Department of Agricultural Engineering and Energy, conducted a tilt test on AGT 1060 tractors. The test was performed on four different tractor models, including various cabin configurations and the AGP PRO 400 attachment.

Tilt testing of AGT 1060 tractors

The testing method involved a hydraulic tilting platform, allowing tilting in the range of -30 to 65 degrees. The test results measure the statistical tipping angle, which is a laboratory method for determining tractor stability. The final results serve as a basis for further development and improvement of AGT tractors.

The standard models of AGT 1060 tractors yielded the following results: the standard AGT without a cabin achieved a tipping angle of 47.10°, while the standard AGT with a cabin reached 36.45°. On the other hand, the wide AGT without a cabin reached 51.20°, while the wide AGT with a cabin achieved a tipping angle of 43.40°.

The attachment showed an additional influence on the statistical tilt angle. For example, the standard AGT with a cabin and the AGP PRO 400 sprayer, filled with 250 liters of water, achieved a tipping angle of 37.30°. Meanwhile, the mountainous AGT with a cabin and the same sprayer, filled with 200L and 250L of water, demonstrated tipping angles of 42.55° and 42.80°, respectively.

It is important to emphasize that the test results are primarily intended for the development department and may differ from practical results. The test measures the statistical tilt angle, while in practice, slippage and tipping occur at a so-called dynamic angle, which is significantly lower than the measured tilt angle. The latter depends on many factors, including terrain, tires, and operational conditions, so it is important to consider that actual slope levels may deviate from test results.

AGT 1060 tractors boast improved center of gravity and higher weight compared to our previous tractors, making them more stable in the field. This is an important fact demonstrating the durability and reliability of these vehicles in various working environments. Overall, the test results of AGT 1060 tractors have shown their performance and adaptability, taking into account practical terrain conditions. Further development and improvements based on these results can contribute to even greater efficiency and safety in the use of AGT 1060 tractors. 

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