In recent years, there have been many advances in the development and digitalization of agriculture. Our job is now made easier by computers, electronic systems for precision work, and automated driving systems.


For a long time, the use of these systems was somewhat problematic because they were not interoperable or compatible with each other and could not be used together with different brands. Another problem we were facing was that only one machine could be attached to each connector, so only one type of work could be done, such as spraying, sowing etc. In the long run, such technological solutions are unsustainable and extremely expensive since each tractor or tractor implement requires a separate connector. And this would make the daily use of innovative electronic systems impossible.

To address this problem, we needed a new approach, a new solution, a new system. We are delighted to introduce the ISOBUS electronic system.

ISOBUS successfully tackles all the problems that might arise when combining different electronic systems.

It contains one connector that can be used to connect various machines of any brand. This standardized connector reduces downtime, as well as any errors and problems after start-up and during operation. Calibration is no longer necessary, which means that it also offers an improved user experience. The system is equipped with a 9 pin socket for connecting various implements.


The system can be connected to any computer that supports the ISOBUS system. Thanks to this computer, you can focus on safe driving without having to look back and forth to watch the rear of the machine. In addition to computer connectivity, the ISOBUS electronic system also allows you to connect with the navigation system, which lets you know exactly which areas have already been sprayed or sown and which ones still need spraying or sowing.

Using the electronic system increases productivity and reduces working time. When the job is finished, you can simply save your work and transfer it to a computer. Afterward, you can compare, delete and save your data.

ISOBUS can be used for precise spraying, sowing, fertilizing, ploughing and other types of soil treatment. To use this system, you will need an ISOBUS connection on the tractor, main terminal in the cab, and optionally a GPS antenna. The latter improves visibility, control, and comfort during work.

The ISOBUS electronic system has been verified by both small and large producers of agricultural machinery around the world. It is widely accepted as a universal connection between the tractor, implements, and computer.

If your goal is flawless and accurate work, the ISOBUS system is the right choice for you.

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