Spring is a busy time in vineyards and orchards. And one of the most important tasks is spraying, which protects the trees from pests and diseases. Are you keep facing the same problem year by year with traditional sprayers that are just not able to deliver a sufficient spraying range to cover the entire length of tall plantations? Are you searching for information or trying to find a solution for spraying orchards with tall trees? We have a solution for you! Continue reading to learn more.


Tall plantations, which can grow to a height of 30 meters, should also be appropriately protected from invasive pests and diseases. Tall plantations include nut trees (walnut, hazelnut, chestnut, almond trees, ...), tree avenues in parks, olive trees, elderberry etc.

The biggest challenges to efficient chemical protection of tall plantations are the great height of trees, thick canopies, accessibility etc. The AGROMEHANIKA AGP ENR series of mist blowers will make your work more efficient and much faster.

The AGP EN R series mist blowers boast a high-performance radial blower, enabling efficient spraying up to a height of 16 or 27 meters. Thanks to hydraulic control of the blower, you can adjust the spraying height to specific plantations. Spraying operations are controlled from the tractor cab using the M 170 manual regulator. You are also able to control the pressure and two spraying sections (upper and lower). Spraying is done on the left side in the driving direction.

The mist blower’s frame and blower are both hot-dip zinc plated to ensure excellent protection against corrosion. Quality integrated components by renowned manufacturers (Lechler, Braglia, Arag, Comet, ...) guarantee a high spraying quality and a long service life of the machine.

The AGP EN R mist blowers are currently available in combinations with a 300, 400, 500 or 600-litre tank and a single fan with a diameter of 450 mm (spraying height of up to 16 meters) or a double fan with a diameter of 500 mm (spraying height of up to 27 m). Depending on the version of the mist blower, the minimum required engine power for these machines is 30 to 60 hp. 

If you want to make your work easier with the AGP ENR series mist blowers, write us at

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