Autumn has arrived and its the time when we start thinking about our preparation for winter. How are we going to get warm and manage our yards and surrounding roads? Do you know? We certainly do!


Choose our AGT tractor, which performs excellently in winter communal works. Fit it with a AG 250, 400 or 500 salt/sand spreader.

Spreaders are easy to use and equipped with a funnel handle to regulate spreading. They are intended for spreading granular and powdered fertilizers or a mixture of both. The design of the spreader allows control and even and good quality spread over a certain width. They are made of materials that guarantee a long life and optimum performance of the machine. The spreader is designed to be easily attached as a tractor attachment and is designed to be connected to a three-point lift system.

Don't be surprised this winter, get ready now!

Read more on AG spreaders HERE. 

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