Co-create Agromehanika calendar for the year 2022

If you own an AGT tractor, AGS sprayer, AGP mistblower, or AG spreader, take a picture with it and take part in the calendar competition. We will choose 12 customers who will be a part of our calendar 2022 and receive an Agromehanika jacket, AGT T-shirt, and a hat. All participants who send the relevant photos will receive an Agromehanika hat.

Co-create Agromehanika calendar for the year 2022

What you need to do:

  • Send us a picture of yourself and your Agromehanika machine
  • The image size must be at least 5MB
  • The machine should be tidy and maintained
  • The buyer and the machine should take up about 60% of the photo, the machine must be visible and recognizable
  • Send pictures and your contact details via to (required information: Name, Surname, address, country)
  • You agree to participate by using your image, name (no surname), place of residence, and country on the Agromehanika 2022 calendar.

Send us a picture by October 9, 2021.

The selection will take place on October 10, 2021.

We look forward to co-create the calendar with you.

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