Advantages of night spraying: Why It’s the best choice

Spraying plants is a crucial part of any agricultural activity as it helps protect crops from pests and diseases. Although spraying can be done at various times of the day, night spraying is becoming increasingly popular among farmers. Below, we will present the main reasons why we recommend spraying at night.

Advantages of night spraying: Why It’s the best choice

Benefits of night spraying

Less drift of pesticides

One of the main advantages of night spraying is the reduction of pesticide drift. During the day, wind conditions are often stronger, which can cause the pesticide to disperse beyond the target area. At night, there is usually no wind, meaning the pesticide will land more accurately on the plants where it is most needed.

Less disturbance to beneficial insects

Many beneficial insects, such as bees, are in their shelters and inactive at night. By spraying at night, we reduce the risk of directly affecting or endangering them, which is especially important for maintaining a healthy ecosystem on the farm.

Better absorption of pesticides

At night, the conditions for pesticide absorption are more optimal. Lower temperatures and higher humidity allow the pesticide to stay on the leaves longer and be better absorbed. This means less pesticide evaporates or washes away, increasing the efficiency of spraying.

Achieving the desired goal

With all the above advantages, we achieve the main goal of spraying – effective plant protection. The pesticide reaches the plants directly where needed, ensuring optimal results and better yield.

Equipment for night spraying

For successful night spraying, appropriate equipment is also essential. We offer everything you need for effective night spraying:

  • AGS Sprayers: Our AGS sprayers, with capacities ranging from 200 to 4200 liters, are designed for various farm sizes and ensure uniform and effective spraying.
  • LED Lights for sprayers: Powerful LED lights provide uniform illumination of the entire spraying area, which is essential for achieving the best results.
  • Tractor Lights: With our high-quality tractor lights, you will have excellent visibility even at night, allowing for precise and safe spraying.

With the right equipment and timing, you can increase efficiency and reduce negative environmental impacts. For more information about our night spraying equipment, contact us or visit our website.

Join many satisfied farmers who have already discovered the benefits of night spraying and improve your yield with the help of the latest equipment we offer.

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