We can read quite a few articles on-line on the topic of environmental pollution regarding plant protection products. As we at Agromehanika care deeply about our environment, we briefly present solutions and tasks that help us reduce this type of pollution.


Do you also think that repeated spraying and mist blowing is not suitable for maintaining healthy nature? But is spraying necessary for your crop? Does it happen that the spray is blown away from your plants and just a little of it lands in the right place?

While we want to protect our plants from diseases, we often damage the environment due to incorrect or incomplete equipment, so we require knowledge and skills to protect plants to carry out protection as safely as possible.

Before we start spraying and mist blowing, we need to take the time to inspect our machines, nozzles, pumps to find and replace any damaged parts of the sprayer or mist blower. Especially if spraying or blowing mist with an old machine, since over the years, rubber hoses can become torn, and as a result, particles clog the nozzles. At Agromehanika, AGS Sprayers and AGP Mistblowers can be equipped with a self-cleaning filter, which additionally purifies the spraying solution and returns excess particles to the bottom of the tank.

Before the spraying season begins, we also need to pay some attention to the pump. The pump pressure, oil level, seals, and bearings must be thoroughly inspected.

It often happens that due to incorrect setting of the nozzles, the spraying solution is carried into the air. The spraying solution travels with the wind and lands on other plants or soil, is washed into the soil, and consequently into our groundwater. At Agromehanika, the spraying technique is equipped with Lechler anti-drip nozzles, which enable the smallest possible drip. At the same time, you can use the LECHLER CALCULATOR, which recommends the most optimal choice of nozzle depending on your industry.

Agromehanika also advises you to clean your machine after each use and to use partial cleaning during breaks. It is recommended to clean vital parts of the machine – pump, filters, nozzles, as well as the tank. We wash the machine in the field and not in the backyard. This reduces the likelihood of water and environmental pollution. In addition to protecting our environment, cleaning will help you do a better job and extend the life of your sprayer or mist blower.

At Agromehanika, we offer a rich spraying technique and necessary equipment. We also offer spare parts for your machines. Browse our catalog to start spraying safely as soon as possible.

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