The main objective of spraying for every agricultural producer is to protect their plants against pests and diseases, while keeping our environment clean and healthy at the same time. After purchasing a sprayer that will allow us to perform the work quickly and accurately, we should put some thought into using a spraying computer and a navigation system to help improve our spray savings.


We have all been faced with the problem that some parts of the area are left untreated or we end up spraying them several times. It can also happen that we use enormous amounts of spray at the end of the field where there are no plants growing. These problems can all be eliminated by using a navigation system.

Read on to learn more about the advantages of using a navigation system in agriculture.

A navigation system allows us to save the database of our fields, where the navigation system records data about the measurements of the field limits, calculates the area of the field and memorizes the position of any obstacles or soil patterns in the field.

It also enables an extremely precise driving control by selecting guidelines to guide your driving. These are particularly useful in fields with irregular shapes.

You can choose from:

  • Parallel AB guidelines,
  • adjustable guidelines and
  • orientation guidelines.

This ensures a more economic and efficient work because you can avoid the unnecessary overlapping of previously sprayed areas.

The AvMap navigation system allows you to create different profiles for different tasks. This allows a separate control of work for sowing, spraying, fertilizing etc. You can save the boom width, the number of sections or the width of individual sections for each group. When your work with the G7 Farmnavigator is finished, you can always save it and analyze it later. It can record the person performing the work, the activity, time of work, tools, area and so on.

If you would like to reduce your costs and impact on the environment, connect the AG-TRONIK with the G7 Farmnavigator system. This system will provide an accurate calculation of the treated surface and an automatic control of the sprayer's sections based on the position received by the GNSS antenna.

One of the advantages offered by the navigation system is the camera connectivity, which can be controlled through the G7 EZY Farmnavigator screen. Use the cable provided in the box to connect and start controlling those blind spots on implements.

Summarizing the facts listed above, we can see there are many advantages to using a navigation system in agriculture. In addition to helping you save spray and money, a navigation system also enables a more accurate control over driving, it saves your work and gives you the opportunity for a subsequent analysis and control of blind spots on the tractor implement. We can therefore confirm that using a navigation system in agriculture is the right choice.

 You can read more on AvMap navigation systems HERE.

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