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AGT tractors

AGT tractors are multifuntional and versatile working machines. They are currently available with engines 26, 35, 48 and 61 hp. Because of simple but robust construction the users around the world praise the low maintenance costs and long life-span of AGT tractors. All AGT tractors can be equipped with cabin, front hydraulics and front PTO drive. Beside that the users can choose among the wide range of hydraulic and other equippment to adapt the AGT tractors to their needs.

AGT tractors are very useful in hilly terrain, vineyards, orchards, small farms and forest. The quality of AGT tractors, reliable operation and affordable prices are known among users around the world.

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  • AGT 850/860

    Tractors AGT 850/860 with 48 and 61 hp are designed for heavier multifuntional tasks in agricultural, horticulturalforestry and communal areas. With wide range of additional equipment, reversible seat and synchronised gearbox the AGT 850/860 present the reliable machine in every condition.

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  • AGT 850/860 - mountain version

    With its wide track and improved weight distribution, the mountain version of the AGT 850/860 series was designed for rough and hilly terrain with side slopes of 40° or more.

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  • AGT 850/860 - forest version

    In Agromehanika we are always trying to make the best solution for your various needs. While listening to you, we created new forest equipment for AGT 850/860

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  • AGT 835 TS

    The AGT 835 TS series features a rigid chassis. Thanks to their stability, ruggedness and reliability, these tractors have a long service life and low maintenance costs. A wide range of optional equipment is available to customise the tractor according to your needs and requirements.

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  • AGT 830/835

    AGT 830/835 series articulated tractors were designed for work in vineyards, orchards and small farms. A small turning circle of only 290 cm is possible due to their articulated design, enabling unprecedented manoeuvrability and work in narrow spaces and difficult terrains. Also very narrow version of AGT 835 is possible with outside width of 93 or 100 cm.

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    The forestry version of AGT 835 is an articulated tractor with an open cabin with protective grids and additional protection for the engine. For high efficiency while logging, there is a blade for trunks installed on the front.

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