Tractors AGT 830/835 are not suitable for sale in the EU.

Characterized by a wide wheelbase and a well-balanced design, the mountain version of the AGT 850/860 series was designed for steep and rough terrains with side slopes of 40° or more. 


The AGT 850/860 series mountain tractors are designed to endure challenging conditions on steep and rough terrains with side slopes of 40° or more. Their power and durability come from a reliable Lombardini engine, developing 48 HP (35.2 kW) and 61 HP (45 kW) in AGT 850 and AGT 860, respectively.

Mountain tractors AGT 850/860 are equipped with a 24-speed synchronized gearbox with inverter, enabling easy driving direction and speed control. A a wide wheelbase (with a width of up to 195 cm), low gravity centre and the front axle situated behind the engine enable an even weight distribution when using attachments, higher traction and work on hilly terrains.

AGT 850/860 series tractors are distinguished by:

  • wider wheelbase,
  • permanent four-wheel drive,
  • rigid transmission,
  • synchronized gearbox,
  • driving side is selected by turning the seat and the steering wheel,
  • a wide selection of rims and tyres,
  • simultaneous four-wheel braking with permanent drive,
  • front-axle oscillating angle of 15° for better wheel-ground contact on different terrains,
  • small turning circle,
  • front and rear differential lock,
  • side wheel reduction gears,
  • low operating costs,
  • easy and safe operation and
  • simple and cost-effective maintenance.


AGT 850/860 tractors are equipped with high-performance engines by a world renowned Italian manufacturer Lombardini – Kohler.

All AGT 850/860 series mountain tractors are equipped with a rigid chassis and a wide wheelbase, ensuring maximum stability on hills with steep side slopes. Thanks to a 15° front-axle oscillating angle and apermanent four-wheel drive, all four wheels remain in constant contact with the ground on various terrains, slopes and under challenging conditions. Hydraulic steering enables effortless control of the tractor and a small turning circle (390 cm) ensures manoeuvrability in narrow spaces.

The 24-speedsynchronized gearbox with an  inverter provides 12 forward gears and 12 reverse gears. With three speed ranges the tractor is able to reach working speeds between 1.7 km/h and 36 km/h at reduced fuel consumption and improved work performance.

During braking, the braking force is equally distributed between the four wheels. Two oil bath hydraulic disc brakes installed on the rear drive axle also provide for an independent braking of left or right rear wheels. Electro-hydraulic engagement and disengagement is designed to control the differential lock, both on the front and the rear axle.

The tractor is equipped with a permanent four-wheel drive 

AGT 850
4-stroke, diesel
AGT 860
4-stroke, turbo, diesel


The PTO drive shaft of the tractor is independent and synchronized with the gearbox, allowing the rotational speed of 540 rpm. The switch for PTO drive shaft engagement on the instrument panel and the soft start system enable simple and safe operation.

The hydraulic system is controlled by a tandem hydraulic pump with a capacity of 31 l/min. and operating pressure of 160 bar (adjustable up to 200 bar). The rear hydraulic lift system provides a three-point hitch system of category I, with a lifting force of 1,240 kg. As standard, the tractor is equipped with an additional single-acting valve for the rear hydraulics, one single-acting valve with a quick coupling and adouble-acting valve with two quick couplings.

Optionally, the tractor can be equipped with a kit of Premium hydraulics or Premium Plus hydraulics, so that the user can benefit from a broad spectrum of applications with additional hydraulic functions (front hydraulics, more quick couplings, hydraulic levelling etc.).


Our number one priority is ensuring safe and comfortable work for users of the machine. For this purpose, the tractor is fitted with two safety arches, a safety belt and a protective cover for the drive shaft. The mountain version features a wider wheelbase to ensure better stability and traction on slopes.

For additional safety, the tractor can be equipped with awide cab to provide protection and a comfortable working environment for the user. The operator’s seat and the steering wheel are both adjustable to allow for a complete adaptability to user’s requirements. A well-arranged instrument panel and a good view on the tractor’s surroundings enable complete control over steering. The reversible version also includes seat and steering wheel rotation by 180° to facilitate work with tractor attachments that require constant control during operation


Due to their quality design and manufacture with high-quality integrated components our tractors are well-known for their easy and cost-efficient maintenance. We provide a fast and efficient service with original spare parts always in stock to make sure your tractor remains in top shape throughout its entire life-cycle. 

Standard equipment of the tractor is designed for versatile use. A broad spectrum of optional equipment allows for a complete adaptability to your needs and requirements.

Optionally, your tractor can be equipped with:

  • larger and wider wheels of different profiles with additional optional adjustment,
  • additional hydraulic valves,
  • tractor cab with integrated air-conditioning system and dust filter,
  • front hydraulics,
  • accessories for rear hydraulics (double-acting lift cylinder, position and lift control, floating hydraulics, adjustable lower link arms with quick hitch points, hydraulic top link etc.), which contribute to easier and more accurate work,
  • ballast weights for greater stability of the tractor,
  • comfortable seat with a headrest and an armrest,
  • metallic black colour and
  • many other accessories. 


All AGT 850/860 series tractors, reversible and non-reversible versions, can be optionally fitted with a front PTO drive shaft (1,000 rpm) to improve visibility and control over the attachment. Improved steering also increases the safety of the tractor during use. Working with the front drive shaft provides additional comfort for the operator of the tractor.


The front hydraulics improves flexibility and enables the use of different attachment types. The tractor can be fitted with front hydraulics with a lifting capacity of up to 400 kg to accommodate various attachments, such as snow ploughs, front mowers, sweepers, cultivators etc. Quick hydraulic couplings  enable easier handling and are able to contain the oil pressure when connecting hydraulic attachments.


Suitable wheels are essential for optimal performance of the tractor. As standard, the tractor is equipped with 7.5 x 16 wheels. Your AGT can also be equipped with different wheels from a wide product range. You can choose from a range of adjustable and welded rims of different widths and sizes:

  • 260/70 R16 with adjustable rims, extendable up to a width of 142 cm,
  • 260/70 R20 with adjustable rims, extendable up to a width of 142 cm,
  • 250/80 R18 with adjustable rims, extendable up to a width of 130 cm,
  • 280/70 R18 with adjustable rims, extendable up to a width of 147 cm,
  • 300/65 R18 with adjustable rims, extendable up to a width of 149 cm,
  • 31 x 15.5 x 15 with welded rims of a width of 158 cm and tractor tire tread,
  • 31 x 15.5 x 15 with welded rims of a width of 167 cm and tractor tire tread,
  • 31 x 15.5 x 15 with welded rims of a width of 158 cm and lawn tire tread,
  • 31 x 15.5 x 15 with welded rims of a width of 167 cm and lawn tire tread,
  • 27 x 1 0.5/15 with welded rims of a width of 155 cm.

The lawn tire tread is lawn-friendly and designed for different green surfaces in parks with sensitive ground, while the tractor tire tread enables higher traction and is therefore better suited for steep terrains.

Additional wheel weights can also be installed to improve the tractor’s stability when using tractor attachments (40 kg for 16’’ and 18’’ rims and 50 kg for 15’’ rims), as well as 8cm wheel extensions to increase the track width.


As standard, the rear end of the tractor is equipped with on single-acting and one double-acting valve. Optionally, the number of hydraulic valves can be increased. You can choose from:

  • 3 x single-acting and 1 x double-acting hydraulic valves,
  • 2 x single-acting and 2 x double-acting hydraulic valves or
  • 3 x single-acting and 2 x double-acting hydraulic valves.

Quick release hydraulic couplings are designed to block the oil flow, thereby facilitating connection and disconnection of hydraulic attachments.


A wide range of optional equipment for rear hydraulics allows you to adapt your tractor to perfectly suit your requirements. A double-acting lift cylinder and vertical hydraulic tensioners enable complete control and easy as well as accurate operation of attachments. This is also provided by the rear hydraulics position and lift control, which is also suitable for connecting high-performance attachments. Additionally, a larger hydraulic pump can be installed, enabling hydraulic oil flow of 14 l/min. at 1000 rpm for powering special utility attachments. To improve the tractor’s stability when using attachments floating hydraulic system can be installed, which reduces the load of the attachment. The lower link arms can be adjustable, providing several hitching options, from standard to quick hitch which allows for an additional option of WALTERSCHEID quick hitch, for a more stable connection thanks to its robust and reinforced construction. It is also possible to install the 3rd hydraulic hitch point with regular or quick hitch or rear CBM swivel hitch. Furthermore, the tractor can also be equipped with hydraulic trailer brakes to increase your safety and braking efficiency.

We also prepared two kits of advanced hydraulic equipment for you, allowing you to work with high-performance attachments: Premium hydraulics and Premium Plus hydraulics. Both kits contain different hydraulic cylinders (double-acting lift cylinder, double-acting levelling cylinder, hydraulic top link, several hydraulic couplings with floating position etc.) for extremely accurate operation of attachments, soft PTO drive shaft engagement and additional control elements for efficient control.


  • engine cover protection,
  • rear-view mirror,
  • back-up beeper for driving in reverse,
  • tractor narrowing to a width of 122 cm,
  • pearl black-gold metallic colour,
  • comfortable seat with a headrest and an armrest,
  • additional concrete weight (150 kg or 300 kg),
  • toolbox,
  • adjustable CLEANFIX engine fan (for removing debris from the radiator)


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